Alle baureihen/produktie-nr./carroserie-varianten met foto

Kijk hier voor alle details en codes van de verschillende types.
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Mercedes-Benz: Cl203 C200 sportcoupe BJ 2001
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11 nov 2014 22:44

Goede ideen benz fans !

Ik vroeg mij af of er ook productie aantallen bekend zijn van elk model mercedes?
op google niet 1,2,3 te vinden
Ik heb geen auto maar een Benz for ever :D
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Mercedes-Benz: Cl203 C200 sportcoupe BJ 2001
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11 nov 2014 22:53

Ik zie wel de CL203 maar nog niet de (bijna zelfde) geweldige W203 uit 2001 2.00 liter 163 PK

Ik zal morgen ff een duidelijke foto maken (van dichtbij) :)
Mercedes sportcoupe kompressor.jpg
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Ik heb geen auto maar een Benz for ever :D
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Mercedes-Benz: R170 SLK230 1999

17 apr 2016 02:22

Isdera Imperator 108i
cw 311.jpg
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Date: 24/12/2015
Isdera Imperator 108i
In 1968 German engineer Eberhard Schulz built his first sportscar in the backyard of his parents’ home; the Erator. In the same year Mercedes Benz presented its C111 concept car. This otherworldly looking car, powered by a rotary engine, set many speed records (the most famous of them with a Diesel engine, by he way) and looked like nothing Mercedes had ever built. Schulz fell in love with the car and was devastated when Mercedes announced that it would never make a production version. Schulz decided to make his own C111.

He worked on his project in his own time and with his own means (meanwhile, he was employed by Porsche, and later by AMG), so it took him 10 years to complete his car. He named it CW 311 – combination of C111, the drag coefficient of his creation (which had a Cw of 0,31) and 300 SL, which Schulz viewed as the spiritual father of his project. When he showed his creation to the board of Mercedes Benz, the reactions were enthusiastic. Mercedes didn’t want to build the car itself, but gave Schulz permission to produce the car – and even to adorn it with the three pointed Mercedes star – something which the company never allowed. Meanwhile the CW 311 became famous in Germany thanks to is appearance in a 1980 German movie, ‘Car Napping’ – it was tested by Niki Lauda, who liked it very much.

Eberhard Schulz founded his own engineering firm Isdera in 1983 and started to turn his CW 311 concept into a production car. In 1984 he presented the Isdera Imperator 108i at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In all respects, the Imperator, built around a tubular frame, covered with a glass fibre body, was little different from the CW 311. Its wheelbase was 5 cm longer, to provide more interior space. It had a more luxurious interior. It used parts sourced from both Mercedes and Porsche (for instance: the rear lights come from Mercedes’ S-class of the time, the steering rack came from the Porsche 928). The unique panoramic roof mirror was designed by Schulz himself. The engine was a 235 HP, 5.0L V8, tuned by AMG, The transmission was the same ZF transaxle used in the Ford GT40 or De Tomaso Pantera. Later cars got bigger engines, as AMG never stopped developing the Mercedes V8 into a monumental monster: this 1988 car has a 6.0L V8 with 425 HP and can easily sprint to more than 300 kph. In its day, Isdera claimed that the Imperator was the worlds’ fastest supercar.

The Imperator 108i was built in two series; 17 cars were built until 1991 (of which this is one). That year, Isdera gave the car a facelift, consisting of other air intakes in the sides, new headlights and some small technical ands optical retouches. Of this series, 13 were built.
het is zo ver , ik heb ook een STER
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Mercedes-Benz: W201 W204
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18 apr 2016 11:16

Hier staat ook een overzicht
Work in progress . .
"Weten wat men weet en weten wat men niet weet is kennis en wijsheid"
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15 mar 2018 20:41

Dag John,
Hierbij een foto van mijn Mercedes Ponton w120 uit 1961.
MB 3.jpg
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